JODO: The Art of the Short Staff

CKF Jodo Examiners

As of 2016

Chief Examiner
Kim Taylor

West Examiner
Thomas Groendal

East Examiner
Eric Tribe

History of Jodo in the Canadian Kendo Federation

First CKF grading held in 2000

The study of ZNKR Jodo in Canada through the Canadian Kendo Federation is two decades old. In the mid 1990's interested members of the CKF began by attending seminars and workshops in the United States. As interest grew and more members began studying jodo, Matsuo Haruna sensei invited Katsuhiko Ide Sensei (kendo 7dan, jodo 8dan, iaido 8dan) from Japan to the Guelph Spring Seminar (CKF Spring International iaido and jodo seminar and grading). From that time the CKF has invited sensei from the ZNKR jodo section to teach at the Spring seminar.

The first CKF grading was held in Guelph in May of 2000 under the supervision of Shigenori Namitome sensei (jodo 8dan, iaido 8dan).

Why study Jodo?

ZNKR JODO Manual: English Version (2006)

All Japan Kendo Federation's Jodo was established in 1968 and it had contributed to diffusion and development of Jodo for 35 years. Except for minor changes in 1977 and 1987, [it remains unchanged from the original 1968 curriculum].

Learning Jodo and its effects

Learning and studying Jodo is in effect training your mind and body. What one learns is not only dexterity of movement, but also development of the spirit.

The benefits derived from training are obvious, but the main ones thought to be of the greatest value are:

(1) Develop Courtesy, Truthfulness, Sincerity and Patience.
(2) Through regular practice, the body becomes stronger and more active.
(3) Through practicing the techniques, posture becomes improved.
(4) You gain confidence and have a better sense of judgment in everyday life.
(5) Overall, you will have better relationships with others.

CKF Jodo Curriculum

Consisting of 12 ZenKenRen jodo forms which are based on the Shindo Muso Ryu.

1. Tsuki Zue ( Reaching Stick )
2. Suigetsu ( Solar Plexus )
3. Hissage ( Hidden Stick )
4. Shamen ( Side Head )
5. Sakan ( Seeing into the left )
6. Monomi ( Looking Out, Watchman )
7. Kasumi ( Mist )
8. Tachi Otoshi ( Dropping on the Sword )
9. Rai Uchi ( Thunder Strike )
10. Seigan ( Straight to the Eyes )
11. Midare Dome ( Stopping Confusion )
12. Ran Ai ( Uniting with chaos )

CKF Jodo Instructors ( 17 )

  • 5 DAN
  • Kim Taylor
  • Eric Tribe
  • Takeshi Kimeda
  • Patrice Williams
  • Ward Jardine
  • Ed Chart
  • Ken Morgan
  • 4 DAN
  • Gary Cole
  • Doug Martin
  • Simonetta Marian
  • Thomas Groendal
  • Alan Wu
  • Elie Zakaria
  • Michael Kang
  • Donald Croft
  • Stanley Jeffers
  • Dennis Nikitenko

Annual CKF International
Seminars and Gradings

Spring Seminar and Grading
Fall Seminar and Grading

CKF Jodo Development Fund

The CKF development fund has been revised to fund Iaido and Jodo separately from Kendo. The revised application form is available here:
Application Form - EN (.doc)
Application Form - FR (.doc)
Accounting Form - EN/FR (.xls)

Submit completed Iaido applications to Hanna Ikeda-Suen, and Jodo applications to Chris Jarvie.