IAIDO: The Art of Drawing the Sword

It has been said that a battle of swords is a battle of character. When competing in Iaido, you are comparing spirit, strength and ability through depth of practice.

Non-CKF Members

How to apply

See the information titled "Foreign Candidates" on our Policies and Forms page for further instructions.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What are the requirements for Iaido gradings in the CKF?

    Grading requirements can be found at under the CKF Grading Rules and Regulations page.

  • How long must I wait between gradings?

    Between 1-Kyu and 1-Dan is 6 months. Between 7-Dan and 8-Dan is 10 years. For all other ranks you must train for the same number of years as your current rank. (i.e. To grade for 2-Dan requires 1 year, 4-Dan requires 3 years, etc...

  • How much does grading cost?

    Grading costs consist of an Examination fee + a Certificate Fee + Additions (i.e. Japanese Certificate for 1-Dan to 3-Dan).

    A complete schedule can be found under the CKF Grading Info page.

  • Is there a dress code?

    Graders are required to wear matching coloured Uwagi and Hakama of White, Black or Navy.

  • Who will be judging me?

    Chief Examiners and Instructors can be found under CKF Iaido. Members on the panel will be selected by each division's (West or East) Head Examiner.

  • When is the Registration Deadline?

    Registration for each grading usually closes one week before the date of the grading.

  • Submit a question to the CKF Secretary

Upcoming Iaido Gradings (2011)

  • Dec 3 (East)
  • Dec 3 (West)
  • Etobicoke, Ontario
  • Richmond, British Columbia

Reference Documents

Grading Criteria (AJKF)
A list of Seitei Iai check points from the official All Japan Kendo Federation Manual (English edition) and are requirements for all federations that are a part of the FIK.

Grading Criteria (CKF)
A supplementary to the AJKF guide, written by Goyo Ohmi Sensei. These notes are basic for those who sit on a grading panel, but they should also be read carefully by the students. You are the judge of your own practice.

Iaido Shiai (Competition) Guide
An outline of the Rules and Regulations for holding Iaido Shiai and Shinpan in the Kendo Federation.