• CKF Grading Information
  • General Grading Information

    Check this page for summary information about grading requirements, time in rank and fees. The full grading policy is available here.

    Details of upcoming gradings are posted on the front page of this website. The details will have links to the written exam: please use those links and do not use old written exams. If the links are not posted, the exam is not yet available.

    Please note that usually the deadline for both application and written exams is 2 weeks before the exam date.

    Written exams are submitted to the special email addresses given at the top of the exam. Written exams are not the application, you must apply separately.

    If you are challenging an exam that is part of a special event such as a seminar or tournament, you must still apply separately for the exam through the usual way. Seminar fees or tournament fees do not include the exam.

    If you are a Canadian resident testing in Canada, see directly below. If you are a CKF member testing in another country, see CKF Members Grading in Foreign Countries. If you are a foreign candidate see Foreign Grading Candidates.

  • Grading Application for Residents of Canada

    Applicants for grading who are residents of Canada must be CKF members. If you reside in another country or are visiting Canada for a short time, see the instructions for Foreign Candidates below.

    Grading applications for CKF members are to be done online through individual member accounts. Your CKF membership must be paid up to the current year. If you have not paid your CKF dues, you will be required to pay dues for all years since you last paid your membership. There are exceptions to this rule, for details see the back dues policy

    In general, CKF members must log into their account using the login page. Click the appropriate button ("kendo grading", "iaido grading" or "jodo grading") and follow the instructions. For detailed instructions, see here.

    After registering, submit the written exam if applicable by the grading deadline. Links to written exams are posted on the front page of the CKF website. Please do not use old exams. If there is no link, the exam is not yet available.

    Please note that in general, the deadline for both application and written exams is 2 weeks before the exam date. A group confirmation email is sent near the deadline, please check it to see that you are registered correctly.

    People may apply with one month less than the full eligibility to allow for variation in exam dates. If you are applying for your exam in the minimum time, you may have to wait until closer to the deadline to be eligible. If you have any trouble applying through our automated system, please contact the Secretary.

  • CKF Members Grading in Foreign Countries Members in good standing of CKF may grade in other FIK countries, subject to the waiting time requirements of both CKF and the foreign federation. CKF members are required to obtain presidential permission. The cost for obtaining permission is $20, payable through the Generic Payment Page. Please indicate in the description your name and "Fee for foreign grading application". Then fill out and sign the application form and send it to D'Orangeville-sensei with a CC to Neil Gendzwill. D'Orangeville-sensei will return the signed form to you, and you may then use it in your application to the foreign federation.

    Each federation has its own procedure for application. In the case of the AJKF, you must use either the AJKF Application Form 1D to 5D or the AJKF Application Form 6D up. You must also follow whatever procedure is required by the grading event itself.

  • Foreign Grading Candidates Foreign candidates must follow these steps:

    1. Create an account in our system: this is a one-time operation, your account will be used for all future gradings. If you do not have an account, please go to the Foreign Member Registration page and create one. Please do not create a normal CKF member account.

    2. Obtain a letter or form of permission signed by your federation president. NOTE: US applicants see this page for information. Note that under the US process, you must submit an application first to your regional federation and then to your national federation: the process takes about a month. Please allow enough time.

    3. Send your CKF membership number and electronic scans of the permission letter and your last certificate to the CKF secretary. A certificate is not required for ikkyu applicants, nor is it required if your CKF account correctly indicates your current grade.

    4. Upon approval of the application from the secretary, log into your account. Click on the "kendo grading", "iaido grading" or "jodo grading" button as appropriate and follow the instructions. Note that until your application has been approved as per step 3, clicking on this button will display a message indicating you need authorization.

    5. Submit the written exam if applicable by the grading deadline. Links to written exams are posted on the front page of the CKF website. Please do not use old exams. If there is no link, the exam is not yet available.

  • Membership
  • New Dojo Application Form:

    Note Application for membership does not imply acceptance into the Federation: Application For New Member Dojos

  • Application for Membership (Individuals)

    The Canadian Kendo Federation has an electronic registration system.  See the Membership link at left for details, or follow this link to the online registration page.

  • Other
  • Anti-doping manual

    D'Orangeville-sensei is a member of the FIK anti-doping committee. They have produced this manual which is currently available only in English.

    Anti-doping manual.

  • FIK Grading Guidelines

    The International Kendo Federation has laid out guidelines for Dan-Kyu rank and judging requirements for all affiliated nations. The CKF strictly adheres to these guidelines.

    FIK Grading Guidelines

  • New Translation of Kendo Shimpan manual

    The CKF wishes to thank Professor B. T. Wakabayashi for translating the All Japan Kendo Federation publication "Kendo shiai/shinpan un'ei yôryô no tebiki" (A Guide for Tournament Refereeing in Kendo) into English.  We hope that this guide will help you to develop your Kendo refereeing skill: Handbook (.pdf format)

    Another translation by Robert Stroud

  • CKF Western Kendo Articles 

    Link to article in french ; link to article in english