Certificates Policy

CKF Grade Registration Fee Policy

Once a challenger has passed a grading, that new rank must be registered by the CKF. The fees for this registration have been called the "certficate fee" but of course include much more than the actual menjo issued to the member.

The fees for registering each grade are set by the board of directors and can be found elsewhere on the website. CKF Grading Info

Japanese Language Certificates

At 4dan all certificates are issued in the Japanese language and are hand-written. If members below 4dan wish a Japanese certificate there is an additional fee which can also be found with the grading and registration fees on the website. CKF Grading Info

The member's name will be written in English on this certificate. If the challenger wishes the name to be written in Japanese an image sample of that name MUST accompany the application to grade. If the Japanese language sample of the name is not received with the application the name will be written in English.

If the member wishes the name to be written in Japanese at a later date this will be considered a re-issued certificate and an additional fee will be charged.
If you require help finding the correct kanji for your name, please mention this when you apply for a certificate and we will help you.

Re-Issuing Certificates
Certificates which are re-issued to replace one which is lost, or to change the name on a hand-written Japanese certificate will be subject to a re-issuing fee. This fee is currently set to $50.00 for the printed certificates from 1kyu to 3dan and $70.00 for the hand-written Japanese Certificate.

Policy updated: Jan 26, 2011