KENDO: The Way of the Sword

CKF Kendo Examiners

As of 2011

Chief Examiner

Shigetaka Kamata
(Kyoshi 8 DAN)

West Examiner

Ray Murao
( 7 DAN)

East Examiner

Christian d'Orangeville
( 7 DAN )

History of Kendo in the Canadian Kendo Federation

The practice of kendo began with Japanese immigrants to the West Coast early in the twentieth century, so it has almost a century-long history in Canada. The CKF started functioning unofficially in 1962 under its first president, Noda Misao sensei and officially in 1968, when its constitution was first approved. Today, the nationwide CKF kendo population, either alone or combined with Iaido, has grown to slightly over 1100 members—with Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia leading the way in numbers of practitioners.