CKF 2010
Board of Directors Report

This is the annual report to the membership from the Board of Directors. The board has just finished the annual meeting and there are many items which will be of interest to the membership. The Director's meeting was held by email for the first time, and as a result it lasted from October to December. The directors covered many topics and met separately in the west and the east toward the end of the meeting. 

President's remarks

Oct 12, 2010

It has already been one year since the new CKF directors and executive committee started in Oct. 2009 .

We have done so far :
  1. Set the liability insurance for all members. (See here:
  2. Introduced various committees.
  3. Extended the on-line registration system which was initiated by the former CKF executive. 
  4. Revised the grading structure by separating, Kendo, Iaido and Jodo and establishing new grading chairs.
  5. Completed the FIK American zone shinpan seminar.
  6. Released a yearly budget and reported our mid-year financial statement.
  7. Reviewed the 2009 financial statement internally.
  8. Done appreciation parties for Asa sensei's 30 years service in four regions.
  9. Nearly established the grading certificate distribution system.
  10. Established an Email communication /discussion  system among directors as necessary.
  11. Successfully completed winter in 2009  and summer in 2010  gradings in various regions.
  12. Separated the Development Fund into Kendo and Iaido/Jodo.
  13. Canadian Team participated Beijing Combat Games.
  I would like to thank all those who keep these CKF events/systems working. Especially, I would like to express my appreciation to the Secretary, Mr. Kim Taylor and Treasurer, Mr. John Maisonneuve. Without their help I would not be able to continue serving the CKF as president.

Now, we are facing the 2nd year which is going to have the general membership meeting and the 17th Canadian National Kendo Championship.  At the same time, we still have to keep improving our systems in the coming year. I  would like to ask all directors for your full co-operation for this meeting. 

Hiro Okusa
president, CKF

Committee Reports for 2010

Anyone wishing to see the committee reports can contact the CKF secretary. Those presented were: 

Officers report: Changes to the CKF Directors, Officers and committee membership.
Financial: Treasurer's report, 2009 financial statement, reviewer's statement, mid-term financial report for 2010
Development Fund (kendo)
Development Fund (iaido and jodo)
Secretary's report
Team Canada Committee
Grading Committee (kendo)
Grading Committee (iaido)
Grading Committee (jodo)


These are the main topics of discussion and decision in the BoD meeting. Details of many of these policies and decisions will soon appear on the CKF website.

Canadian National Kendo Championships: Will be held July 2, 2011, Greater Vancouver Area. The Tri-annual General Meeting will be July 1, 2011 (evening), Greater Vancouver Area.

Kendo Development Fund: John Maisonneuve is named as chair of the development fund committee.

History Committee Budget: A budget of $4000 has been set aside for the history project, which is to research the history of kendo in Canada and to produce a book.Professor Wakabayashi is chair of this committee and the research has begun.

Memorandum of Understanding: funding to other organizations: This policy outlines the conditions under which the CKF might provide funding to other organizations (eg. BCKF or OKF) 

Instructor's Expense Reimbursement Policy: This is a policy under which the CKF may reimburse some expenses to senior instructors for CKF teaching duties.

CKF Shogo: The shogo policies were discussed. The Renshi title will remain as it is currently. An Iaido shogo committee has been established and will establish guidelines for Kyoshi and Hanshi for the iaido section. The kendo section will also establish a shogo committee and establish guidelines for Kyoshi and Hanshi. For the membership, the shogo are a parallel set of titles to the kyu and dan grades. Renshi: Shi means a person and ren means learning, so the Renshi is still in a learning learning period. Kyoshi: Kyo means teaching, so the Kyoshi is at the stage of teaching others. Hanshi: Han means a model, so the Hanshi must be a (good) model as a kendo/Iaido person.

Written Exams: There will be, on consultation with the Kendo Central Grading Committee, written exam questions with gradings, to start in 2011. The Iaido and Jodo sections have now instituted written exam committees and written exams will start in those sections in May of 2011. 

Membership and Grading Fees: The directors discussed these fees in detail and have reached the following decisions. Shogo (renshi) test and registration fees will remain as they are. Grading registration (certificate) fees for all levels will remain as they are. Junior membership fees will remain as they are. Adult membership fees (amongst the lowest in the FIK in 2011) will rise to $35 per year. Grading test fees will also rise depending on grade by $5 to $20. This increase should allow the CKF to finance the Insurance Plan, provide defined and stable funding to Team Canada, increase the funding to the development fund, provide funds to reimburse instructional expenses to senior sensei, and provide for more regional development of the arts in general.

These fee increases will take us from a projected budget shortfall of $16,000 to a small surplus in 2011. On a per-member basis, if you are challenging  for 4-7dan this year, you will pay an additional $35 in fees this year. If you are not grading you will pay $35 (up from $20), and if you are a junior you will still pay $15 for the year. A junior is 15 or under as of Jan. 1 of the current year. 

CKF Membership Deadline: The directors recommend strongly that any student who has begun training in bogu should join the CKF. While it is desirable from an insurance point of view that all students join the CKF as soon as they start practicing, we recognize that many students try the arts for a few days or weeks and then quit. We would remind all clubs that it is to their advantage to ensure that their junior students join the CKF even if they are not yet grading nationally, this will ensure that the clubs are fully covered under the insurance. The iaido and jodo sections should also register their students as soon as possible.

Membership Dues Payment: The directors would like to stress that each member of the CKF must pay their dues annually to remain a member of the CKF. By paying your dues only when you grade you are not saving any money overall, subjecting yourself to a larger payment in order to grade (you must pay your back dues) and you fall out of membership in the CKF and out from the insurance coverage. 

New Website and Section Editors: There is a new look to the CKF website for 2011, and it is due to the efforts of Patrick Suen and Eric Tribe. The directors thank them for their efforts. There will be an editor for each of the sections of the website, for kendo it will be Neil Gendzwill, for iaido Patrick Suen and for jodo it will be Eric Tribe. Finally, Eduardo Cigliutti has made several changes to the database recently and will be adding further functionality soon, including a sales page which will accept paypal payments for CKF merchandise. He will be taking the database offline soon for maintenance and it will be back to accept membership payments in January. 

Concluding remarks from the President to the BoD

Dec 11, 2010 
All CKF Directors,

I would like to close the meeting of the CKF board of directors for 2010. 

It has been over one month, since it was started. Many issues have been discussed and voted on. At the same time, some issues are left for further study and discussion. Those issues are not solved overnight, but at least we are aware of them and it was a good chance to learn the many issues that currently concern the CKF.

Holding the meeting in this style was a first for the CKF BOD, we will think of our meeting methods in the future with the experience we had at this meeting in mind.

We spent our precious private time for  this meeting. I would like to thank to all of you, especially Kim who devoted his time for this meeting. His talent at organizing a meeting and research skill should be well noted.

I officially close the 2010 CKF meeting of the Board of Directors.

Thank you very much to all, once again.

H Okusa
President, CKF 

The Board of Directors would like to wish each and every member of the CKF all the best for the holidays and a safe, happy and prosperous new year.